Yoga Therapy College

Additional Information

Yoga Therapy College was established in partnership between Patricia Hillyard and Maria Mendola. Both teachers of yoga, as well as Certified International Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT’s), Maria and Patricia saw a need to bring a higher quality of training in the field of Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics to Southern Arizona.


Yoga Therapy College seeks to impart an eclectic set of teachings based on both the classical texts of Yoga, and also modern day explorations built upon the need to guide people in effective understandings of stress, chronic issues, and effective tools of transformation.

Yoga Therapy College began with teaching at the basic teacher training level recognized worldwide; the 200 hour level, and has successfully graduated many students.

The standards that Yoga Therapy College abides by are in synchrony with the standards of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), and would apply to a graduating student should they seek to move further in 

their educational endeavors of becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). 

  • Plans are underway to offer CEU's required by Yoga Alliance to maintain your membership.

About Our Teachers

Yoga Therapy College has a comprehensive faculty comprised of instructors representing a wide range of  Hatha yoga styles, such as Yoga Therapeutics, Ashtanga Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.  The teaching staff also includes professionals in the fields of yoga, physical therapy, Ayurveda, Psychology, Sanskrit language and Music Therapy.  Nationally recognized yoga teachers and published authors are regularly invited as guest instructors to teach in their areas of specialization, including but not limited to yoga asana and asana therapeutics, pranayama, somatics, philosophy, meditation and ayurveda.

Meet Our Staff